My Favourite Things: 2015

I always wait until the last possible moment to write this post because, in the last two years, I’ve had to update a couple of the entries as I go to one last movie or find the book I couldn’t have made it through my life without reading. This year, the delay again proved worthwhileContinue reading “My Favourite Things: 2015”

You, a Deserted Island, and Three Books

What would you choose? It’s not a new question, but always a fun one to answer. Fun in an agonizing sort of way if you have as many favourites as I do. I was recently more entertained by the answers of others in a group post, however. If the answer given is honest and thoughtful, itContinue reading “You, a Deserted Island, and Three Books”

My Favourite Things: 2014

It’s time to collect all my favourite things and play show and tell! Highlighted entries point to reviews and rambles on this blog. Books I read 292 books this year. That’s a lot. Consequently, I awarded many five-star ratings. 72, to be exact. Narrowing down a list of favourites that wouldn’t make your eyes bleed was really,Continue reading “My Favourite Things: 2014”

Reading Challenges: 2015

Despite the fact I only completed about half the reading I set for myself in 2014, I plan to participate in challenges again in 2015. Here we go: 2015 TBR Pile Challenge Hosted by Roof Beam Reader, this challenge will once again be the lynch pin of my project. The goal is to read twelve booksContinue reading “Reading Challenges: 2015”

Drowning in Books

Last year I wrote about my effort to reduce the number of books residing on my physical “To Be Read” shelf. The fact that I have to differentiate between a physical and virtual shelf only underscores my problem. Yes, it is a problem. I admitted that years ago and I’ve been making an effort toContinue reading “Drowning in Books”