My Favourite Things: 2014

It’s time to collect all my favourite things and play show and tell! Highlighted entries point to reviews and rambles on this blog. Books I read 292 books this year. That’s a lot. Consequently, I awarded many five-star ratings. 72, to be exact. Narrowing down a list of favourites that wouldn’t make your eyes bleed was really,Continue reading “My Favourite Things: 2014”

Book Expo America 2014

One of the perks of being a reviewer is a ticket to Book Expo America. You can attend as a reader or blogger; in fact, they have a convention just for you, BookCon on Saturday. I prefer to go on the professional days because it’s a little quieter. New York’s Comic Con fills my yearly quotaContinue reading “Book Expo America 2014”

Reading Challenges: 2014

Reading challenges are a great way to motivate oneself to read more, or read differently. I rarely need the motivation to read more, but I’m all for diversity, and my ‘To Be Read’ shelf is actually a bookcase housing close to three hundred books. So, when I stumbled across the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge onContinue reading “Reading Challenges: 2014”