Five Years!

WordPress just informed me that my blog is five years old today! In honour of my blog’s fifth birthday, I thought I’d share five of my favourite posts.

Ramble: The Weed

This is one of my earliest posts, and one I reread on occasion because it reminds me of the fact that sometimes, it’s the little that make life special.

May 6, 2012

I try to spend at least an hour a day in the garden. It’s good for my daughter and it’s good for me.  I’m sure it’s good for the garden too.  As soon as the spring sun peeps from behind the last winter cloud, I don my sturdy boots and stiff new gloves and set to work pulling out all those weeds I was able to ignore when snow or leaves covered the ground.

When I lived in Texas, I battled with more than weeds. The previous year’s vegetable patch often continued to enjoy success in the form of tomato and cucumber seedlings popping up in the most unexpected places—usually the middle of the lawn. Often, I mused that if we went away for a month, we would return to find a tangle of cucumber vines covering the lawn, robust tomato plants poking up between. Sometimes, instead of plucking them out, I just mowed them down, curious to see if they would shoot back up by the end of the week.  They did.

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Let’s Talk About Science!

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my heroes! Also, I made a flow chart for this post.

October 16, 2015

The fact the phrase “Let’s Talk about Science” is running through my head to the tune of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk about Sex” is probably a fair indicator I’m not qualified to talk about science. But, you know what? Science is the new sexy. It’s hot. And I’m going to talk about it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and the moon truthers. Click through to watch an amusing video.

At the moment, I’m listening to a series of lectures presented by one of our sexiest scientists, Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s called The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries. First of all, Tyson is a wonderful orator. He’s engaging and personable and his enthusiasm for his subject matter is infectious. Second of all, I haven’t listened to a lecture in about…well, it’s been a long time and we all know my math is spectacularly bad.

(here’s where I digress a little)

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My Weapons of Choice

I game and in most games, I kill things. Therefore I have favourite ways of killing things.

August 25, 2015

Alistair walking through the aftermath.

I am not a violent person, but put me in front of a PC or an Xbox and I will kill things until they’re…well, dead. Not surprisingly, I have favourite ways of doing it, too. If you want to read between the lines, my weapons of choice might say a lot about me – or something other than the fact I like to kill stuff. But, honestly, it usually comes down to two things: expediency and fun.

The following tributes list could be more extensive. Over the course of my murderous career, I’ve discovered a lot of ways to slay my enemies. Boredom was never one of them, however, so I have limited myself to five (or six) spectacular instruments of death, presented in no particular order.

The Apocalypse Interview with Jody Wallace

I love having guests on my blog and Jody is one of my favourites. To say we really connected would be putting it mildly.

September 6, 2016

Jody Wallace has a new book out called Prodigal. It’s the third title in her Maelstrom Chronicles. Because it features an apocalypse and aliens, I wanted to read it. They’re…kinda my thing. Spoiler alert: It’s a very entertaining book! It’s a great blend of apocalypse and aliens, plus action, a sexy romance and a hint of the paranormal with the way the shades and daemons operate.You can read my review here. Then I decided to ask Jody a few questions and that turned into us talking apocalypses. Apparently they’re her thing too.

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One Line Wednesday

This is the third most popular post, of all time, on my blog. It gets views nearly every day. My theory is that people find it while searching for the week’s theme to post their lines on Twitter. Either way, I do like this post because it serves as a reminder of some of my favourite projects, three of which are finished, two of which are published. At some point, I’m going to go back and finish the other two.

March 25, 2015

One Line Wednesday (#1lineWed) is a thing on Twitter that happens every Wednesday. Sponsored by @RWAKissofDeath, the purpose is to post a line from a current WIP. There is a theme for each week, and no buy links are allowed. These teasers might entice someone to click through and visit your blog/site/whatever, but the aims seem to be having fun and fostering a sense of community among writers.

It’s amazing how much story you can convey in just 140 characters. It’s also an interesting exercise to see just how much you can fit into so small a space. Can you introduce a character properly? Not really, but you can indicate personality through tone. You can show the heat level of your WIP by posting a particularly steamy kiss. You can post a line that makes little sense out of context, but is interesting nonetheless.

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And because over the past five years, I’ve committed over three hundred acts of blogging, here are another handful of favourites:

A Pantheon of Super Heroes

Parenting in the Time of Zombies

The Lies My Mother Told Me

A Moustache Called Justice

If You Plant Your Heart, What Will Grow?





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