My Favourite Things: 2022

I can’t count how many times this year I wanted the conductor to stop the bus so I could get off. It’s been… a year. Probably one of the most difficult I’ve faced in quite some time. And yet it has also been a year of triumph in many ways. Situations that could have become worse did not, and nearly all of us who faced adversity have rallied. There is truth to that old adage, after all, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But, my goodness, it can wear you out. So here’s to a 2023 that’s a little bit more kind.

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Coming Soon: Shelf Life

Are you ready for more Hearts & Crafts? Shelf Life, the second book in the series, is now available for preorder. We revealed the cover this week and I was beyond excited for everyone to ‘meet’ Grayson Clery – baker, boardgame geek, and best friend ever.

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It’s Release Day for Sundays with Oliver!

I’ve been talking about this book for so long that there shouldn’t be a lot left to say. But, hey, this is me. I can always find another word or two. Sundays with Oliver felt (feels) very much like the next logical step in my journey as a writer. Once again, I drew on my own life as a jump-off point as my daughter packed up her life and went away to college. I then went on to explore other aspects of mid-life:

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888 Days Gone

When I finished the main mission in Days Gone, the save screen read: 888 DAYS GONE. I just about felt as though I had been playing for 888 days. Not because it was a slog. Because of the level of immersion I had achieved. The world truly felt 888 days gone.

In actual fact, you start the game at 731 days gone, which is two years and a day after the apocalypse. So I played for 157 days, game time. Deacon and I accomplished a lot in that time.

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