Review: Relic

Relic by Renee Collins Relic by Renee Collins has an awesome setting. The world has been blighted by a long forgotten catastrophe that buried mythical creatures and the magic they possessed beneath desert. The bones of the extinct creatures, the dragons, unicorns and sirens, are revered for their residual magic. A piece of any isContinue reading “Review: Relic”

Top Tens: Novels

As expected, I had a difficult time choosing only ten books to stand as my favourite novels. The first problem I encountered was a purely logistic one. Out of the 1200 or so books I have listed on GoodReads, 191 have a five star rating. I had to choose ten. Logically, I needed to pickContinue reading “Top Tens: Novels”

Top Ten Lists

Ten is a short list of anything, particularly when I consider how many books I have read and movies I have seen. How many vacations, meals, TV shows. Recipes. Restaurants. Breaths! (Do you have a top ten favourite breaths?) Epiphanies or otherwise pivotal moments. Countries. Seasons. (Yeah, there are only four “official” seasons…) Artists, musicians;Continue reading “Top Ten Lists”

Make Room! Make Room!

I just pulled two books out of the trash. Sadly, it is not the first time I have done so. What marks this occasion out from all the others is that I retrieved these two novels from my own trash. Yes, I actually threw books away. Or tried to. There is coincidence involved. A friendContinue reading “Make Room! Make Room!”