The Books I Recommend More Than Any Others

For a while now, I have wanted to update my top ten list of books—actually a list of thirteen because ten is too few. This time, my list includes more than thirty books, some by the same author. I could narrow it down to ten, but I don’t want to and I didn’t even try.Continue reading “The Books I Recommend More Than Any Others”

My Favourite Things: 2014

It’s time to collect all my favourite things and play show and tell! Highlighted entries point to reviews and rambles on this blog. Books I read 292 books this year. That’s a lot. Consequently, I awarded many five-star ratings. 72, to be exact. Narrowing down a list of favourites that wouldn’t make your eyes bleed was really,Continue reading “My Favourite Things: 2014”

My Favourite Things: 2013

Everyone else is doing it! Not sticking their head in ovens, publishing lists of their favourites. So, here’s mine. Highlighted entries point to reviews and ramblings on this blog. Books I awarded thirteen five star ratings this year. That’s out of a total ninety-seven books read. I’ve picked five to post here, which will representContinue reading “My Favourite Things: 2013”

Top Ten Lists

Ten is a short list of anything, particularly when I consider how many books I have read and movies I have seen. How many vacations, meals, TV shows. Recipes. Restaurants. Breaths! (Do you have a top ten favourite breaths?) Epiphanies or otherwise pivotal moments. Countries. Seasons. (Yeah, there are only four “official” seasons…) Artists, musicians;Continue reading “Top Ten Lists”