The Let’s Connect series

Welcome to the dating app, Let’s Connect! Before you fill out a profile, you might want to check out the success rate of our members, Dan and Robin.

(Let’s Connect #1)

An online dating story… sort of.

A year after his divorce, Daniel Stroman has decided that he’s too young to die—or fuse permanently with his couch. But when he downloads the dating app “Let’s Connect” and starts dating, his success/fail ratio isn’t encouraging until he gets a connection request from Robin.

Everything about Robin’s profile is different, from the bright little bird he’s using as an avatar to the long and thoughtful answers he’s written for the standard questions. He’s witty, funny, and easy to talk to. Robin could be his perfect match. But Robin is holding something back.

Then again, so is Dan—beginning with the seven-year crush he’s carried for his best friend, Trevor. Sadly, except for one brief moment, they’ve never been single at the same time.

Or have they?

(Let’s Connect #2)

Being dumped is oddly freeing.

It wasn’t as though Robin could have met Dan in the real world, anyway. To do that, Robin would have to leave his house. But uploading his picture to the dating app Let’s Connect, only to have Dan let him down, is still disappointing. Now Robin has run out of excuses not to look outward, and for the first time in three years, he’s seeing many of the things he’s been hiding from—including his next-door neighbor, Sean.

The very same obstacle remains, however. Sean lives in the real world too. And if Robin wants to get to know him better, to move beyond friendship to something more, he’s going to have to step outside his front door.

Robin will have to go out.

(Let’s Connect #2.5)

After enduring the many mishaps of online dating, you’d think Dan could come up with a better plan. But Dan being very much Dan, he did not. So, now, Trevor, Sean, Robin, and Dan are locked inside something called a Time Trap and it’s pretty much his fault.

But meeting up for coffee, just coffee, would have been so boring, wouldn’t it?

Join the guys from the Let’s Connect series in one final adventure to have coffee, just coffee—right after they figure out a way to get back to 2021.

“Let’s Escape” is an epilogue to the Let’s Connect series. While the story may be enjoyed alone, the series is best read in order.


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