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Chaos Station stories:

We’ve written a number of stories for the Chaos Station series, all of which are available to read and/or download for free. Visit the Short Stories page of our website!


Contemporary Romance:

Counting Stars

At the end of my holiday novella, Counting Fence Posts, Henry invites Marc back to his parents’ place for Christmas. Actually, it’s less invitation, more assumption, but Marc doesn’t object. After two days of haunting the lobby of a crowded hotel outside Albany, they’re finally on their way back to Boston. (6000 words)

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Wrong Direction

It’s the last year of college and Alvaro has scored a coveted single. Unfortunately, he has to share a bathroom with the guy next door. Daniel’s…there’s no kind word for it–he’s a slob. And he can’t carry a tune, yet he insists on singing nightly while indulging in his other annoying habit–fruity-scented bubble baths. It’s the perfect recipe for conflict and romance! (24,000 words)

Written for the Don’t Read in the Closet event “Love is an Open Road”,
hosted by the M/M Romance group.

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Weird Stuff:

This is the Future, Baby

It’s the year 2100, and the Mojave has reclaimed the Las Vegas valley. But, with a little hop back in time, you can still visit all the landmarks we’ve lost, including Sin City. Kale and Toby choose Vegas 2015 for their Destination Wedding, and it’s all it was promised to be. But the trip isn’t making the sort of memories Kale wants to associate with the most important day of his life. (5000 words)

Written in celebration of marriage equality for the “What Happened in Vegas?” Blog Hop. 

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Domestic Bliss

Can Harry have his pie and eat it too?

Harry arrives home one day to find his wife has been replaced by a robot. Guided by a small book of instructions, he tries to figure out if his New WifeTM  is ‘for better or worse’. (5000 words)

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Love and Other Constructs

Anton is a simple farmer with a past that hounds him even in his fields. (1300 words)

Written for Flash Fiction Friday, hosted by Lex Chase.

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A Moustache Called Justice

A whimsical story I wrote in response to a prompt calling for the thoughts of things that might not usually be sentient. I chose to bring a moustache to life. The moustache belongs to one of my favourite characters, Andy, and I think this story pretty much illustrates why I love him so much.

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 More Flash Fiction

Love Stories – Sometimes sappy, sometimes sexy. Often weird. (500-1000 words)

The Lost Ones – Meet Keven, a man with strange fascinations that float effortlessly on breezes. (1000 words)

Bird Chatter – Every wonder what birds talk about? (1000 words)