Packing for My Last Holiday

There are times when I’d welcome a good apocalypse. By good, I mean one where we don’t necessarily die right away—not all of us, anyway. The world isn’t at war, and a plague isn’t following neat little flight paths across the globe. Your neighbors aren’t munching their way toward the end of the cul-de-sac. Let’sContinue reading “Packing for My Last Holiday”

What Are You Afraid Of?

(Part two of a series of rambles dreamed up at four a.m. on the imperfections of self) We all have fears, many of them quite reasonable. For the purpose of this ramble, however, I’m going to share my most ridiculous terrors. The things that might (probably will) never happen, yet still cause me to pauseContinue reading “What Are You Afraid Of?”

This is the Future, Baby (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)

To celebrate marriage equality, twelve authors have written twelve short stories answering the question “What Happened in Vegas…” In my story, “This is the Future, Baby“, I explore what happened to Vegas. This is the Future, Baby by Kelly Jensen The holo outside of Destination Weddings darkened and the projection stuttered as the program restarted,Continue reading “This is the Future, Baby (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)”

You, a Deserted Island, and Three Books

What would you choose? It’s not a new question, but always a fun one to answer. Fun in an agonizing sort of way if you have as many favourites as I do. I was recently more entertained by the answers of others in a group post, however. If the answer given is honest and thoughtful, itContinue reading “You, a Deserted Island, and Three Books”

Post-apocalyptic Gardening

You know what someone needs to invent? Grass that grows to a certain length and then stops to provide a lawn of perfectly trimmed and perfectly green beauty. I’d buy it. Not that I hate mowing; I don’t, not really. That hour twice a week (one hour out front and another for the curb, sideContinue reading “Post-apocalyptic Gardening”