The Stories in My Neighborhood

Nearly every neighborhood I’ve lived in has had certain elements in common. There’s the house with too many cars. At least one is missing wheels and it’s up on cinderblocks. Another will be missing an engine. The one next to that will be wearing a minstrel’s motley of mismatched panels.  There’s the house where the kids runContinue reading “The Stories in My Neighborhood”

Five Years!

WordPress just informed me that my blog is five years old today! In honour of my blog’s fifth birthday, I thought I’d share five of my favourite posts. Ramble: The Weed This is one of my earliest posts, and one I reread on occasion because it reminds me of the fact that sometimes, it’s theContinue reading “Five Years!”

Flash Fiction: “The Last Race” and “Sorry”

It’s been a while since I posted some flash fiction! Here are two fairly recent pieces written for the Monday Flash Fics Facebook Group. In both cases, I took one look at the picture and a complete moment fell into my head. Those are always my favourite pieces.

Flash Fiction: “Ghosts” and “Possession”

I keep most of my flash fiction on a Tumblr blog because I really like the format for posting pictures and keeping drafts…and some of the photos I find inspiring are NSFW. 😉 I’m sharing a two recent favourites here, though, because…well, I’m a writer. Says so up there under the header. Also, I haveContinue reading “Flash Fiction: “Ghosts” and “Possession””

Unearthly Places

Photographs of unearthly places nearly always capture my attention—especially when they’re of earthly places. It’s not hard to understand why storytelling is such an integral part of our culture when you see pictures like these. Even the names of these places evoke tales of wonder. The Door to Hell Also known as the Gates ofContinue reading “Unearthly Places”