Review: The Shards of Heaven

Every now and then Tor Books sends me something I did not request. Every time this happens, I open the envelope with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Who doesn’t like getting books in the mail? I do worry it might be a book I’m not interested in reading, let alone reviewing, but to date theseContinue reading “Review: The Shards of Heaven”

Review: Son of the Black Sword

I have been looking forward to Son of the Black Sword ever since I read “The Keeper Of Names” in Baen’s Shattered Shields anthology (reviewed November last year). “The Keeper Of Names” is not only an engaging and more than competent short story, it serves as an introduction to a new venture for Larry Correia:Continue reading “Review: Son of the Black Sword”

Review: Gold Throne in Shadow

The continuing adventures of Christopher Sinclair, mechanical engineer turned priest of war. The end of Sword of the Bright Lady(World Of Prime: Book 1) saw Christopher revived from a rather grisly episode. The beginning of Gold Throne in Shadow has him lamenting the lack of calluses on his shiny new body. All things considered, thatContinue reading “Review: Gold Throne in Shadow”

Review: Archmage by R.A. Salvatore

Archmage numbers twenty-eighth in ‘The Legend of Drizzt’. As always, I’ll preface my review with the caveat that you will get more out of these later books if you’ve read those that came before. At this point in the saga, a lot of foreknowledge of the world and the characters has to assumed, or R.A.Continue reading “Review: Archmage by R.A. Salvatore”

Review: Where Light Meets Shadow

Where Light Meets Shadow by Shawna Reppert is an engaging mix of fantasy and romance. War nearly destroyed the culture of the Scathlan elves, and left their queen in a comatose state. Kieran has been traveling the mortal lands in search of new songs and scraps of legend. There are tales of powerful bards whoContinue reading “Review: Where Light Meets Shadow”