Review: Archmage by R.A. Salvatore

Archmage numbers twenty-eighth in ‘The Legend of Drizzt’. As always, I’ll preface my review with the caveat that you will get more out of these later books if you’ve read those that came before. At this point in the saga, a lot of foreknowledge of the world and the characters has to assumed, or R.A.Continue reading “Review: Archmage by R.A. Salvatore”

Review: Where Light Meets Shadow

Where Light Meets Shadow by Shawna Reppert is an engaging mix of fantasy and romance. War nearly destroyed the culture of the Scathlan elves, and left their queen in a comatose state. Kieran has been traveling the mortal lands in search of new songs and scraps of legend. There are tales of powerful bards whoContinue reading “Review: Where Light Meets Shadow”

Review: Storm and Steel by Jon Sprunk

Poor Horace. In Blood and Iron (part one of The Book of the Black Earth) he escaped death only to be tossed in chains. He was freed only to be sucked into the politics and intrigue of the royal court. In saving the life of Queen Byleth, he painted a rather large target on hisContinue reading “Review: Storm and Steel by Jon Sprunk”

Review: Sacrati by Kate Sherwood

Sacrati by Kate Sherwood is a love story. It’s also the story of two very different men coming to terms with the fact there is more than one way to live. Theos is a Sacrati, an elite warrior of the Torian Empire. The Sacrati are the best of the best. Where a Torian warrior isContinue reading “Review: Sacrati by Kate Sherwood”

Review: Blood and Iron by Jon Sprunk

Blood and Iron is an engrossing novel of swords and sorcery. It’s tightly focused and complete, without a sprawling cast and endless appendix of subplots. That’s not to say Jon Sprunk tells a simple tale, he’s just managed to avoid the sinkhole of over-telling that sucks so much epic fantasy into the abyss. Horace, aContinue reading “Review: Blood and Iron by Jon Sprunk”