Review: The Sheltered City by John Tristan

Once again, John Tristan has created a unique and compelling world. The deeper into ‘The Sheltered City’ I got, the more I wanted to know. Why where they living inside what seemed to be a large dome sheltered by an enormous living tree? Where the dragons outside real or allegorical? What is the halfdeath and whatContinue reading “Review: The Sheltered City by John Tristan”

Review: Contemporary Male/Male Romance Box Set

I don’t review a lot of romance on my blog, which is a shame as I do read a fair amount. Romance reading for me represents just as much escapism as the large chunks of science fiction and fantasy I digest regularly. I was inspired to review this box set for two reasons. One, I can’tContinue reading “Review: Contemporary Male/Male Romance Box Set”

Something Like a Good Book

This is supposed to be my reading challenge update for April, but… I didn’t read the book. I chose one, made sure it was on my list, read the first chapter and then put it aside. I expected this to happen. The organisers of this event expected it to happen. That’s why there are twoContinue reading “Something Like a Good Book”

Review: The Adorned by John Tristan

  The tail end of a war can be as devastating as the first strike, or the most decisive battle. Soldiers become battle fatigued, their leaders jaded and the citizens, those who work to support the soldiers, who suffer privation so that they can continue to fight, are all but forgotten. Families robbed and leftContinue reading “Review: The Adorned by John Tristan”