Review: In the Raw

In the Raw by Nikka Michaels and Eileen Griffin Strip away the clothes (yes, please!) and the attitude, and culinary school students Ethan and Jamie aren’t as different as they appear. Used to fending for himself and his sister, tough-boy Ethan wears his piercings, tattoos and spikey hair like armour, which isn’t unusual for a twenty-twoContinue reading “Review: In the Raw”

Strawberry Season

I love strawberry season. I like picking the berries and I like eating them, too, which is a good thing. This year, we went picking three days before vacation and had to eat and/or use nearly nine pounds of them before we went away. Yeah, not the best planning, but…strawberries. Here’s what we did withContinue reading “Strawberry Season”

An Apple a Day

We went apple picking on the weekend. It was one of those magical fall days where the sun is warm, the shade cool. Here, in North East Pennsylvania, the colours are approaching their peak, meaning there is plenty of green in between vivid yellows and reds, which makes for a lovely contrast. The apples playedContinue reading “An Apple a Day”