New from Heidi Cullinan and Samhain Publishing: Carry the Ocean

I have read this book and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t really review it because I felt incapable of summing up what the book meant to me in a few (any) words. Instead, I simply implored my Goodreads followers to READ IT. I added the qualifier: IT’S AMAZING. Sometimes we just don’t need aContinue reading “New from Heidi Cullinan and Samhain Publishing: Carry the Ocean”

Life, the Universe and Nutella

Since joining Carina Press, Jenn and I have formed a friendship with another male-male romance writing duo, Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels. A couple of months ago we interviewed ourselves regarding our co-writing processes. This time, we sat our characters down together and interviewed them. Chaos Station and In the Kitchen are two very different series.Continue reading “Life, the Universe and Nutella”

Chaos Station releases a week from today!

Jenn and I cannot wait for everyone to meet our boys, Zander and Felix. In anticipation, we’re inviting you to visit our website,, for a sneak peek at Chapter One! While you’re there, sign up for our newsletter to receive advance notice of more excerpts, free-to-read stories and upcoming releases. We also have a page devoted to extras featuring portraits ofContinue reading “Chaos Station releases a week from today!”

Cover Reveal: Chaos Station

Chaos Station has a cover, and it’s pretty awesome. Jenn and I are thrilled with the design elements, the overall science fiction feel and the inclusion of a good likeness of our two leads, Zander and Felix. The team at Carina Press really outdid themselves with this one! I love the colours, the overlay of circuitryContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Chaos Station”