The Aliens Are Coming…Maybe

NPR posted an article on January 19th about radio signals detected by astronomers around the globe that may come from beyond our galaxy. This is really exciting for a lot of reasons, many of which are outlined in the aforementioned article. What I took away was the quote from EarthSky: “…the burst originated up toContinue reading “The Aliens Are Coming…Maybe”

Review: Trial by Fire (Tales of the Terran Republic #2) by Charles E. Gannon

Trial By Fire is a big book. Six hundred and forty pages big. It’s chewy and complicated. Somewhere near the end, I decided the plot was something like a game of chess. Every page and every point of view represented a move and might hide a clue to next six moves planned by that player.Continue reading “Review: Trial by Fire (Tales of the Terran Republic #2) by Charles E. Gannon”

Review: ORBS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

After the solar storms of 2055, portions of our planet are desolate and irradiated. Six years later, Dr. Sophie Winston and her team are sequestered in an underground biome in preparation for a mission to save the world. Three days in, all their chickens are dead. A scan of surveillance footage suggests the birds wentContinue reading “Review: ORBS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith”

Review: Defenders by Will McIntosh

A few of my reviewing friends had very good things to say about Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh. So when Orbit dropped the price of McIntosh’s newest release, ‘Defenders’, to $1.99 (ebook only, courtesy of the Orbital Drop newsletter), I figured it was a good time to take the author for a test drive.Continue reading “Review: Defenders by Will McIntosh”

Review: Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach

Deviana Morris is angry and with good reason. Unfortunately for her, everyone else is angry, too. Given the cataclysmic convergence of alien races pushing the galaxy toward apocalypse, it’s kind of understandable. If you haven’t read the first two books, ‘Fortune’s Pawn’ and ‘Honor’s Knight’, in the ‘Paradox’ trilogy, get busy. Rachel Bach writes goodContinue reading “Review: Heaven’s Queen by Rachel Bach”