What I’ve Been Reading

The shiny New Year has been sullied by grimy piles of snow and hair-clogged filters as the heating in my home struggles to keep up with the cold. I’m tired of being tired and I miss the sun. The real sun—not that cheating bastard that tricks me into going out for a walk on reallyContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

This is the Future, Baby (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)

To celebrate marriage equality, twelve authors have written twelve short stories answering the question “What Happened in Vegas…” In my story, “This is the Future, Baby“, I explore what happened to Vegas. This is the Future, Baby by Kelly Jensen The holo outside of Destination Weddings darkened and the projection stuttered as the program restarted,Continue reading “This is the Future, Baby (“What Happened in Vegas…” Blog Hop)”

Review: Lockstep

The lockstep is the weirdest concept I have ever come across. By hibernating, the population of a far flung colony can exist on almost nothing but the power required for the deep sleep modules. While they slumber, bots tend the day to day activities, harvesting and harbouring resources to sustain the colony when it wakes,Continue reading “Review: Lockstep”

Review: Flight of the Silvers

Six ordinary people survive the end of the world. They are visited by three ethereal beings and given a silver bracelet. Moments before the sky collapses on them, they are surrounded by protective bubbles and have to watch everything and everyone they care about disappear. When the dust settles, they find themselves on an alternateContinue reading “Review: Flight of the Silvers”