What I’ve Been Reading

The shiny New Year has been sullied by grimy piles of snow and hair-clogged filters as the heating in my home struggles to keep up with the cold. I’m tired of being tired and I miss the sun. The real sun—not that cheating bastard that tricks me into going out for a walk on reallyContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

Guest Post: Naima Simone, And the World May Never Know…

I’m excited to introduce my first guest post, as penned by Naima Simone, author of Secrets and Sins: Gabriel. Naima is a fellow Entangled author and Secrets and Sins: Gabriel is her first Entangled release. She has another due later this year. When I asked Naima how long she’d been writing for, she sent me thisContinue reading “Guest Post: Naima Simone, And the World May Never Know…”