The Lies My Mother Told Me

I’m not sure when I realised that holding an expression while the wind changed direction would not doom me to wear that twist of features forever. I was probably pretty young and I had probably disproven the theory, wittingly and unwittingly, several times. To this day, however, the sound of my mother’s voice wrapped aroundContinue reading “The Lies My Mother Told Me”

Otherworldly Landscapes

I often feature photographs that seem to capture otherworldly landscapes. It’s a habit and a hobby to look at abstract images and wonder what they might be before finding out what they actually are. I imagine alien landscapes, or apocalypses. Far flung planets or obscure corners of our own. Sometimes the photos depict just that,Continue reading “Otherworldly Landscapes”

Red Swarm

I’ve written a few posts (I call them rambles) about pictures that fire my imagination. I keep a list of links and photos, adding to it when I see an image that shrieks: Weird, alien, story. The three words can be taken separately or combined. The last of these links begged to be examined right away,Continue reading “Red Swarm”

Ramble: Words

Thoughts, so far, on being published: The First Draft (not the first one you wrote, or even the first one you showed someone else, the fifth, sixth or seventh iteration, the one you finally send to a publisher) is your IDEA. And like all ideas, some parts of it just don’t work. So you haveContinue reading “Ramble: Words”