Review: Pan’s Conquest

In between the space faring science fiction and epic fantasy, I like to read romance. I’m a sucker for Happy Ever Afters. Here, I review a fellow Entangled author. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to read an author from the same publisher. What if I don’t like the book! I had no such worries in this case.

Sparks are always going to fly between the goddess of chastity and the god of fertility. They are two edges of the same sword, two sides of the same coin. To say they have to meet in the middle sounds sort of obvious, but mythology is full of such tales.

Syrinx is the goddess of chastity and she’s being pursued by Pan, the god of fertility. She’s tempted and that’s the problem. She shouldn’t be, by her own estimation. So she makes a deal with a water nymph and hides out in the twenty-first century. There, she works as a florist, happily making things grow while keeping her chastity, er, belted.

Enter Parker Thomas, the breathtakingly handsome bachelor who needs five hundred roses for a gala. Syrinx finds herself tempted again, but given he is mortal, thinks she can handle the situation.

Parker is not mortal; he is Pan in disguise and has traveled through time in pursuit of the one maiden he must have. Through the judicious advice of a friend, however, he discovers the meaning of that old adage, the one about the journey being more important than the destination.

The god of fertility learns about romance rather than conquest and the goddess of chastity learns that she can make her own rules.

Pan’s Conquest is a really sweet romance. There are a lot of funny moments and more than a touch of sincerity. I liked both characters, but felt more drawn to Pan, particularly as he evolved into something other than a raging lust monster. Beneath the love story is a setting that showcases Aubrie Dionne’s interest in music and poetry, and an obvious fascination with mythology and nature.

The book could have been meatier, definitely. More plot and even more romance. But I didn’t mind that it was short. It felt like a quick interlude, a break from the every day, and I think that’s exactly what these sort of romances should be. Not heavy and thoughtful, but light and easy to read. Entangled Publishing’s Covet line is offered at such a low price, no reader is going to feel ripped off.

I quite enjoyed Pan’s Conquest and I’m inspired to look into some of Dionne’s other offerings, particularly her science-fiction romance.

Pan’s Conquest by Aubrie Dionne

Can he hide his true identity forever,
or will the truth tear them apart?

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Pan, the God of Fertility, is used to getting what he wants. So when Syrinx, the God of Chastity, transports to the twenty first century to flee his advances, he tracks her down and finds her hiding as a human florist. Determined to win the one that got away, Pan poses as a mortal. But he doesn’t count on falling hard for his conquest or Syrinx falling in love with a man who doesn’t exist. Can Pan hide his identity forever, or will the truth tear them apart?

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Giveaway and Blog Tour

Less Than Perfect releases today!

Mickey's Box of Books
Mickey’s Box of Books

For the next two weeks, I’ll be visiting book blogs to talk about my novella, Less Than Perfect. There will be interviews and a couple of rambles about my characters, Mikayla and Reg, and my three favourite things, which would be aliens, apocalypses and love stories. Follow along for the chance to win Mickey’s Box of Books.

Inside, you’ll find two of Mickey’s favourite books: A Wrinkle in the Skin by John Christopher and Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. Also included are two Entangled titles: Gravity by Melissa West and The Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt. Because this is Mickey’s Box of Books, there is also a journal and a couple of pens. Here’s hoping the winner does not have to carry this box through an alien apocalypse!

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LTP 500[1]

Mikayla’s read every book in her collection of post-apocalyptic novels at least twice. She thinks she’s prepared for aliens taking over Earth. She’s not.

Nor is she prepared for the attention of a good-looking refugee named Reg.

All Mikayla and Reg want is a safe place to see out the end of the world, hidden away from the aliens that call themselves The People, but cities of the depopulated United States not infested with The People are rife with gangs, the detritus of civilization and disease.

On a mission to restock their supplies, Mikayla and Reg are captured by The People and prepared for the procedure that will make them perfect, but no longer quite human. In order to escape, they need to rely on each other…if Mikayla can trust a man who seems too good to be true.

Review: The Summer I Became a Nerd

The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller

This book was adorable. Or should I say adorkable? Maddie is a closet nerd. She loves comic books with a passion I normally reserve for brand new science fiction hardcovers. She likes the smell, the feel of the paper, the colour of the ink and, of course, the stories. She’s a junkie. Since being all but booed off the stage after dressing as her favourite comic book character in grade school, however, she’s hidden this part of herself from her friends. She’s become a cheerleader and landed herself a quarterback boyfriend.

During an epic comic book crisis, she meets Logan. She knows him, but didn’t know he worked at The Phoenix, the local comic store. She remembers Logan from school—because she’s been stalking him, kinda, secretly, ever since he was nearly expelled for wearing pornography (a t-shirt wearing a Power Girl). I imagined this drawn in frank Frazetta’s style, by the way. All skin and curves.

Logan knows her, too, much to her surprise (he’s had eyes for her since the t-shirt affair as well).He’s a nice guy, though, so he doesn’t threaten to expose her secret. Instead, he invites her into his world of LARP gaming and comic book conventions. Maddie is easily seduced, but she is reluctant to let go of the persona that made her popular, she’s worked too hard. And so begins the web of lies that like all such, eventually collapses under its own weight.

This is not a new story, but in the hands of Leah Rae Miller, it’s delightfully told. Maddie’s voice is sweet and fresh. She really is a nice girl, she’s simply afraid to express herself. Be herself. Which, if we all think back, is high school all over, right? After several missteps, she sorts herself out and everyone lives happily ever after. I hope.

Note: The Summer I Became a Nerd is appropriate for young teens as well as young adults. The romance is very sweet (and never sweaty).

Guest Post: Naima Simone, And the World May Never Know…

I’m excited to introduce my first guest post, as penned by Naima Simone, author of Secrets and Sins: Gabriel.

Naima is a fellow Entangled author and Secrets and Sins: Gabriel is her first Entangled release. She has another due later this year.

When I asked Naima how long she’d been writing for, she sent me this response:

“Technically, my first book ever published was in the third grade. It was about a cucumber named Fred who went to the bookstore–complete with illustrations. My school bound it and printed it out! But I’m guessing what you’re really referring to is my first book released from a real publisher, which was Sweet Ultimatum published in 2009 with Ellora’s Cave Publishing. It’s an erotic contemporary–a reunion story–with suspense elements. It will always have a special place in my heart!”

In this post, Naima explains her love of mystery. Thanks for visiting!


And the World May Never Know…

I believe I can attribute my love of mysteries and suspense to my grandmother.

Now some might call it nosiness, but she had a thirst for secrets, details, and knowledge. Like one time I spent the night at her house, and woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Suddenly, a gun shot rang out. I dropped to the floor, my heart in my throat. It’d come from outside, but bullets strayed! Ask Tupac! Anyway, I was splayed out on the hall floor that led to the living room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow move. It separated from the heavier darkness in the room and inched closer and closer toward the window. After a couple of moments I realized that creeping shadow was my grandmother! Silent as a wraith, she tugged back the curtain and curved her body at an impossible angle to peer out the slit she’d made! I mean, the woman was flex-i-ble! Several seconds of shock—and admiration—passed. Seriously, I wish I could’ve bent my torso and hips like that, and I was in color guard! But then it hit me! Really?? This woman was willing to take a bullet just to see what was going on outside! Now she could’ve either been phenomenally nosey…or a super sleuth.

For the sake of this blog I’m going with sleuth.

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