Stories Waiting to Be Told

Have you ever browsed stock photo sites? There are some ridiculous pictures posted there and I often wonder what the photographer was thinking. Obviously, they were setting a scene with the hope it matched a story waiting to be told – probably by an advertising company or a journalist. Because nuns praying to fish isContinue reading “Stories Waiting to Be Told”

Review: The Void by Timothy S. Johnston

CCF Homicide Investigator Kyle Tanner has experienced his share of untenable situations. In the previous two novels of this series, The Furnace and The Freezer, he got up close and personal with a massive sun and found himself sinking through the ice of one of Jupiter’s moons. In between these extremes exists the void, aContinue reading “Review: The Void by Timothy S. Johnston”

Review: The Freezer by Timothy S. Johnston

From the official blurb for The Freezer by Timothy S. Johnston: CCF homicide investigator Kyle Tanner and his girlfriend are on their way to Pluto, en route to a new life together. Just one little death to check out in the asteroid belt first. But when you’re as tangled up in conspiracy as Tanner is,Continue reading “Review: The Freezer by Timothy S. Johnston”

Review: The Furnace by Timothy S. Johnston

Floating in space between the sun and Mercury, Lieutenant Kyle Tanner has only sixteen hours of oxygen left and not enough acceleration to get anywhere useful. Worse, his radiation shielding is toast. He’s dying. But before he goes, he has a story to tell. Dispatched to the SOLEX One facility between Mercury and Sol toContinue reading “Review: The Furnace by Timothy S. Johnston”

Review: The Forever Watch by David Ramirez

  Humanity exists only between the stars, onboard a giant ship called The Noah. The journey to a new planet will take over a thousand years and in that time, the soap opera of life continues to play out, with more than a few dystopian tweaks. Those who test well are Implanted and trained inContinue reading “Review: The Forever Watch by David Ramirez”