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What’s Your Ashushk Name?

In LONELY SHORE, book two of Chaos Station, the crew of the Chaos visits Qekelough’s home planet, Ashushk Prime. We had a much more convoluted name picked out for it. Well, I did, but neither Jenn nor I could reliably spell it, and no one with a human mouth could say it. So we decided to give the planet a human designation and leave the unmentionables to the ashies. We did, however, have fun naming the other ashushk.

So, what’s your ashushk name?

Pick a letter. It can be from your name, or totally random—this is for fun, after all! Match the letter with the list and post your result in the comments below for a chance to win a copy of CHAOS STATION, book one of Chaos Station.


Small print: Competition is open to the U.S. and internationally, and closes midnight (EST) tonight, Friday May 29. The winner will be notified by email tomorrow, Saturday May 30. The prize is one ebook copy of CHAOS STATION, format of your choice, delivered to your inbox. Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Chaos Station!

  1. Soranydarough. From the first letter of my true love’s name. I like it! But I don’t really need to be in the contest. Already have Chaos Station and just finished Lonely Shore, which I adored. Along in the middle there I was crying for Zed and Felix. Fantastic book!

    1. D’aww. Thanks for telling us you enjoyed the books, though. Big smiles over here. (If you win, you can gift the copy to someone else!)

  2. Zaldibure, but you can call me Z. (And it’s just because I like the letter :P) I love all of these names! Congrats on the newest release!

    1. Lol, go right ahead! Ashushk, as a language, actually has a vaguely Khoison sound.

  3. Jasinafuly! Because that’s the first letter of my real name! I like my … ashushk … name! (Hey I spelled it right!) Chaos Station is on my list to buy asap, but I think now I’ll wait till after I find out if I won or not. 😉

  4. Banquelar – that’s me! 🙂 I was going to choose Jasinafuly (J for Jonah and all) but didn’t want to tread on JRFrontera’s toes -hee hee – so I went for B for Bergan instead.

    1. Banqueler is actually an ashushk character in Lonely Shore. So, I approve of this choice. 🙂

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