Flash Fiction: “The Last Race” and “Sorry”

It’s been a while since I posted some flash fiction! Here are two fairly recent pieces written for the Monday Flash Fics Facebook Group. In both cases, I took one look at the picture and a complete moment fell into my head. Those are always my favourite pieces.

Flash Fiction: “Headfirst” and “Reminders”

On my travels around the internet I often stumble across photographs that tell a story. Sometimes it’s a single moment, one I can capture in a few hundred words. More often I’m really only telling part of the story–what brought the character(s) to this point, or what’s happening right now. These snippets end up in my BigContinue reading “Flash Fiction: “Headfirst” and “Reminders””

Flash Fiction: “Ghosts” and “Possession”

I keep most of my flash fiction on a Tumblr blog because I really like the format for posting pictures and keeping drafts…and some of the photos I find inspiring are NSFW. 😉 I’m sharing a two recent favourites here, though, because…well, I’m a writer. Says so up there under the header. Also, I haveContinue reading “Flash Fiction: “Ghosts” and “Possession””

Flash Fiction: The Lost Ones

I really enjoy writing short fiction. It’s a great way to slip into another gear, which can help with plotting elsewhere, or sometimes it’s just fun to write something completely new. I also enjoy the challenge of fitting enough story into a short piece to either make sense or cause someone to think beyond andContinue reading “Flash Fiction: The Lost Ones”