Flash Fiction: “Headfirst” and “Reminders”

On my travels around the internet I often stumble across photographs that tell a story. Sometimes it’s a single moment, one I can capture in a few hundred words. More often I’m really only telling part of the story–what brought the character(s) to this point, or what’s happening right now. These snippets end up in my BigContinue reading “Flash Fiction: “Headfirst” and “Reminders””

Review: Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise by Neil Gaiman (writer) and Dave McKean (artist). Originally released in 1999, Signal To Noise tells the story of a dying film-maker who is writing a script for a film he will never make. The script tells the story of a village facing the previous millennium. As his thoughts become more erraticContinue reading “Review: Signal to Noise”

Review: Shaman

Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson Shaman is the story of Loon, a young man who comes of age thirty-two thousand years ago, in the paleolithic era. At the beginning of the book, he is stripped naked, pushed out into the rain and told not to come back for two weeks. He is on his shamanContinue reading “Review: Shaman”

Review: Jagannath

Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck Jagannath is a collection of thirteen short stories by Swedish author, Karin Tidbeck. The stories are written in English, but maintain a Nordic flavour. Not all the tales in this slim volume appealed. Though I found myself amused by the number of organic creatures populating the pages, I did get the senseContinue reading “Review: Jagannath”