RWA 2019

While pondering possible titles for this blog post, I considered “Misery Loves Company” which might have enticed you to read, but would have started us out on the wrong tone. My trip to New York for the Romance Writers of America 2019 National Conference was far from miserable. It was, in fact, one of theContinue reading “RWA 2019”

Two Men

I’ve joined with a dozen authors to bring exclusive content to the new Two Men blog. This is going to be a great opportunity for you to interact with me and some of your other favourite authors as we share books we love, exciting news, behind-the-scenes insights, giveaways, and much more. Visit my page atContinue reading “Two Men”

Book Expo America 2014

One of the perks of being a reviewer is a ticket to Book Expo America. You can attend as a reader or blogger; in fact, they have a convention just for you, BookCon on Saturday. I prefer to go on the professional days because it’s a little quieter. New York’s Comic Con fills my yearly quotaContinue reading “Book Expo America 2014”