We made it!

2017 was a very busy year for me and perhaps one of my most productive. I wrote four books and edited five. I also published four books, all of which I loved writing and really enjoyed sharing.


I also won an award! My first ever, if I don’t count third place in a short story contest. Which I sort of do?

Block and Strike won the Rainbow Award for Best Bisexual Contemporary Romance. The judges’ comments were absolutely lovely and made me proud of my first solo novel, all over again.

Read all about the award and the runers runners-up here.

About two days before the announcement, I had treated myself to another tattoo—one I had designed for Jake from Block and Strike. My artist loved the design and asked for a copy of the book cover to frame with a picture of the tattoo–which is two fish in a yin and yang pattern. All of this coincided very nicely with winning the award.

And I did something I promised myself I’d never do again, which was sign a contract for books as yet unwritten. Good news is, two of those books are now complete and I’ve started the third, so I only have to live in dire fear of “something” happening for about twelve more weeks.

Finally, as the year drew to a close, I was offered a contract for a book I’m extremely fond of because it’s weird. But also perhaps the most romantic story I’ve ever written. Intrigued? Read on.

2018 promises to be just as busy…

I have five books releasing. FIVE. I’ve released five books in one year before, but three of them were novellas. This year’s crop will be four novels and one long novella.



Purple Haze is the follow up to Uncommon Ground. I had planned to write it last year and publish it in January, but life happened and so the book didn’t. It’s now set for June and I’m looking forward to writing another adventure for Dillon and Lang. I’m hoping this one will end in a solid happy ever after for the two, but who knows? The aliens of New York might have other plans.

Uncommon Ground is on sale right now, by the way, for only 99c! Not sure how long this deal will last, so snap it up! If you’re outside of the US or don’t have access to Amazon.com, enter my monthly giveaway for a copy of the ebook. (International readers only, please)

To See the Sun is the weird book.  Briefly, it’s a mail-order groom story. Set in space. On a pioneering colony in what may or may not be our future. I wanted to combine the feel of a Harlequin historical with a science fiction adventure story and came up with something that feels like a science fiction western with the sweetest romance you’ll ever read.

I adore this book and cannot wait to share it with you all. Contract is signed with Riptide Publishing and we’re looking at dates in August!

“This Time Forever” is a series of love stories focused on older men (most are in their late forties) who think their only chance at love has passed them by. This series will also be published with Riptide. Continue reading “2018”

It’s Release Day for Counting on You!

If I had to choose a favourite book in the Counting series, it would probably be Counting Fence Posts because Henry was a character I really wanted to write. His story spoke to me in so many ways: the quirky habit of counting things, his long-held crush for co-worker Marc, why he’d been avoiding a serious relationship since college, and his ambition. As I got to know his family, I came to adore them too.

A couple is made up of two characters, though, and it didn’t take Marc long to become more than a source of conflict for Henry. He not only got his own book (Counting Down), but demanded a happy ever after – which is a good thing, as Henry might not have gone there on his own.

And so we have Counting on You, which was such a joy to write! I loved getting to know these two and enjoyed setting them up for a happy ever after.

COUNTING ON YOU is available now at all retailers!
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Release Day!

Counting Down is here!

Because I’m evil, I’ve taken two perfectly nice guys and locked them in a basement together. Honestly, it’s for their own good. Really! Marc has issues to work through and Henry needs more time to get used to the idea that Marc really is gay.

Actually, they both need to work on that one.

Release tour stops are listed below. I hope you’ll follow along! Every stop features a question and every answer counts as an entry in my giveaway. The prize is a $15 Dreamspinner Press store credit! As always, I’m running an extra giveaway for my newsletter subscribers. Continue reading “Release Day!”

Celebrating Two Years of Chaos Station


Chaos Station released two years ago today! Because I miss these guys, I decided to recreate them in The Sims 4 and play out the lives they couldn’t have in the 24th century. No war, no space-faring or military careers, nothing to get in the way of their happiness.  I wasn’t at all surprised by how much fun I had replaying Felix and Zed’s love story. What amazed me was how much like the guys my Sims turned out to be. Sure, I designed them and gave them all the right personality traits. But when left to their own devices, they did things that Felix and Zed probably would have done. It was awesome to watch. Continue reading “Celebrating Two Years of Chaos Station”