What I’m Working On

As I pulled together some bits and pieces for my September Newsletter, it occurred to me that while I do cross post new release news to my blog, I don’t often remember to write update posts or talk about what I’m working on. So this is that. An update and a bit of a ramble about my current projects!

New Release News

I have two upcoming releases:

Counting on You (Counting #3) – November 22, 2017

Purple Haze (Aliens in New York #2) – January 18, 2018


This Time Forever” is a contemporary romance series dedicated to bringing Happily Ever Afters to men in their mid-forties who think love has passed them by. Every book will deliver a standalone story, with books two and three featuring cameos from previous couples. This series has been acquired by Riptide Publishing and is tentatively scheduled for release late 2018.

Charlie and Simon (This Time Forever #1) – October 2018

Frank and Tom (This Time Forever #2) – November 2018

Alec and Brian (This Time Forever #3) – December 2018

These books don’t have titles yet. We’re working on that. 😉

Current WIPs

I have three stories “in the works” right now:

To See the Sun

To See the Sun is a blend of ideas. I wanted to write a mail order groom story in an authentic pioneering setting. Because something like this couldn’t really have happened in the Old West, I created a future setting and a colony planet. The story evolved a lot as I wrote it and became something more than category tropes in space.

Status: Draft complete at 65,000. I’ll be interested to see what I can shape it into when I start revising.

Counting the Days

“Counting the Days” covers the two months between Counting Down and Counting on You and takes the form of text messages between Henry and Marc as they travel the length and breadth of the East Coast for work. It’s cute, a little bit sexy and mostly just for fun.

Status: Complete at about 6,000 words. My newsletter subscribers will get first look at “Counting the Days” late in October! Interested? Sign up here. Also, if you missed “Counting Stars,” the short I wrote between Counting Fence Posts and Counting Down, you can read that here.

“The Twizzler Book” (This Time Forever #2)

Frank & Tom. This is a second chance romance, reuniting childhood friends who haven’t really seen each other in thirty years. I actually had this book planned well before I wrote Simon and Charlie’s book. It was only when thinking about what to do with Frank that I realized he was my guy for this particular story, so I’m really excited about this project. There’s nothing more rewarding than actually writing a book you’ve been planning for this long.

Status: Drafting. 10/80k

Why is it called “The Twizzler Book?” Charlie and Simon’s story was called “The Cheez-It Book” all through drafting (because of the first scene), so I decided to continue the theme. Twizzlers will appear in the story!

What’s Next?

A lot of writing. After I finish Frank’s book, I will write Purple Haze, then swing into Brian’s book. Then I hope to look into another story set in the world I created for To See the Sun. I’d also like to write a follow up to Best in Show. It’s my best selling title and I know there are readers waiting for the next adventure with Julian and Mac. It’s plotted and half outlined, but I keep putting it off to catch up with something else. Next year, I promise!

I’ll be doing a blog tour for the release of Counting on You and I’m planning something special for this one. More stops and more giveaways. This is the last book in the Counting series, so I want to send Henry and Marc off to their happy ending with a lot of love.

Until then:

  • I update my Coming Soon page regularly. Check there to see what I’m working on and what’s happening when.
  • Subscribe to my Newsletter! It’s once a month or so and I do a lot of giveaways just for subscribers. It’s also the first stop for cover reveals, new release news, and free short stories.
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2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On

  1. Ahhhh, so much excitement for all the things from you! I want to read everything 😉 but To See the Sun sounds sooo fantastic. I love that blending of ideas. *cheers you on with all the writing*

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