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Counting Down (Counting #2)

cdcover600It’s been a week since a Christmas Eve blizzard changed the course of Marcus Winnamore’s life. Plan A is now Plan B, and the first item on his new agenda is taking Henry Auttenberg on a date. They’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party, and Marc is counting down the hours until midnight… until he can kiss Henry in front of his colleagues and friends.

Things don’t quite work out to plan. Finding the elevator out of service, Marc and Henry check the stairs, only to choose the wrong door, and become locked in the basement. Close quarters once again make for close conversation, and as they explore every avenue of escape, they also explore the deepening attraction between them. For Marc, this isn’t an experiment. Will he still feel that way when he has to admit to someone other than Henry that he’s gay?

Contemporary romance, coming March 29, 2017 from Dreamspinner Press.
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Works in Progress:

Listed in order of attention, last updated 2/6/17

  • Irresistible (The Cheez-It Book)

Contemporary romance novel.

Progress: Draft complete at 82k. Currently revising.

  • Counting on You (Counting #3)

A HEA for Henry and Marc!

Progress: Draft complete at 26k. Currently revising.

On the To Do list are another book for Julian and Mac (new shifters, more adventures), and two more novels set in the same ‘verse as Irresistible.