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.Counting on You (Counting #3)

generic_dreamspinnercoverrevealA Happy Ever After for Henry and Marc!

Henry and Marc can’t seem to catch a break. They’ve had two disastrous dates—the first trapped in a car during a blizzard and the second locked in a basement—followed by nearly two months apart. Even though they work for the same firm, their relationship is held together by flying visits, phone calls, and text messages. A joint assignment in Washington D.C. might be more togetherness than they can handle, however.

Henry is still battling insecurity, and this assignment is too important to his career to mess up. Marc is committed. He’s falling for Henry and looks forward to having him permanently on his team and at his side. But the real test isn’t the assignment. When Marc finally lays his heart on the line, can he count on Henry to be there for him, in every way that matters? And can he do the same for Henry when Henry needs it the most?

Coming November 22, 2017 from Dreamspinner Press.


This Time Forever

“This Time Forever” is a contemporary romance series dedicated to bringing Happily Ever Afters to men in their mid-forties who think love has passed them by. Every book will deliver a standalone story, with books two and three featuring cameos from previous couples.

  • Book One: Charlie & Simon (Complete at 80K)
  • Book Two: Tom & Frank
  • Book Three: Alec & Brian

* We’re still brainstorming individual titles, but Charlie & Simon’s story was called “The Cheez-It Book” during drafting, and Irresistible at submission. 🙂

This series has been acquired by Riptide Publishing and is tentatively scheduled for release late 2018.


Works in Progress:

Listed in order of attention, last updated 10/16/17

  • The Twizzler Book, Frank & Tom (This Time Forever #2)

Contemporary romance.

Progress: Drafting, 65/80k

  • To See the Sun

Science fiction/pioneering western

Progress: Draft complete at 73k. Currently revising.

  • Purple Haze (Aliens in New York #2)

Sequel to Uncommon Ground. Will also be set in Felice Stevens’ Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle World. Projected release: January 2018

Progress: Outlining.

On the To Do list are a possible short for Dillon and Lang (Happy New Year story where they don’t get locked anywhere because they’re not Marc and Henry…) and a new book for Julian and Mac (new shifters, more adventures).