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To See the Sun

ToSeetheSun_400x600Survival is hard enough in the outer colonies—what chance does love have?

Life can be harsh and lonely in the outer colonies, but miner-turned-farmer Abraham Bauer is living his dream, cultivating crops that will one day turn the unforgiving world of Alkirak into paradise. He wants more, though. A companion—someone quiet like him. Someone to share his days, his bed, and his heart.

Gael Sonnen has never seen the sky, let alone the sun. He’s spent his whole life locked in the undercity beneath Zhemosen, running from one desperate situation to another. For a chance to get out, he’ll do just about anything—even travel to the far end of the galaxy as a mail-order husband. But no plan of Gael’s has ever gone smoothly, and his new start on Alkirak is no exception. Things go wrong from the moment he steps off the shuttle.

Although Gael arrives with unexpected complications, Abraham is prepared to make their relationship work—until Gael’s past catches up with them, threatening Abraham’s livelihood, the freedom Gael gave everything for, and the love neither man ever hoped to find.

Coming August 13, 2018!
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This Time Forever

“This Time Forever” is a contemporary romance series dedicated to bringing Happily Ever Afters to men in their mid-forties who think love has passed them by. Every book will deliver a standalone story, with books two and three featuring cameos from previous couples.


Building Forever

Charlie and Simon

Coming October 2018 from Riptide Publishing

Renewing Forever

Frank and Tom

Coming November 2018

Chasing Forever

Brian and Mal

Coming December 2018


Works in Progress:

Listed in order of attention, last updated 6/26/18

  • Purple Haze (Aliens in New York #2)

Sequel to Uncommon Ground. Will also be set in Felice Stevens’ Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle World.

Projected release: TBA, due to the closing of Kindle Worlds.

Progress: Drafting. 44k/50k

On the To Do list is a new book for Julian and Mac (new shifters, more adventures).