Review: In the Distance

In the Distance, the third book in the In the Kitchen series from Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels, releases today! I’ve read the previous two books, In the Raw and In the Fire, and loved both of them. So I was eager to read more! Here’s my review of the third book, which includes a suggestion of whose story I think these two lovely ladies should write next. 🙂


In the Distance (In the Kitchen, #3)It’s always a joy to return to a familiar setting in the hands of the authors who introduced you to it. I knew before picking up this book that my trip back to Seattle wouldn’t be super cozy and comfortable though. Much as I would like to read about Ethan and Jamie watching TV and eating cereal (and probably defiling the couch and perhaps the TV console), that’s not really a book, is it? So I was prepared for something to rock their cozy little world.

That something is Trevor falling for Tyler.

In the Distance begins in the kitchen. New Guy, Tyler Mitchell, is watching Ethan and Jamie interact with his usual mix of respect and envy. He wants what they have, but he’s so busy with school, work and his volunteer work, he doesn’t have time to go out there and look for it. That’s what he tells himself, anyway. Really, it’s a trust issue. For someone so young, he’s already been knocked back too many times—by parents who kicked him out of his home for being gay, to a world that is not kind to homeless kids. But it’s hard to ignore a good looking guy like Trevor, who oozes the sort of confidence and charm Tyler knows he’ll never have, especially when that charm is directed at him.

Trevor Pratt (not-so-lovingly called “Trustfund” by Ethan) might seem as if he has it all: looks, wealth, supportive parents, and a career he enjoys. Nearly losing Jamie left a big hole in his life, though, and while they’re repairing their friendship, Trevor has had to face some hard truths. His one-sided love affair has exposed a very unpleasant fact: Loving Jamie might have been painful and losing him broke his heart, but it hadn’t been a relationship. Not really. An actual relationship would require him to give up something more than his heart. Yeah, it’s another trust issue.

I really loved that Tyler and Trevor—two men from vastly different backgrounds—had so much in common, were battling the same demon. From either perspective, the struggle was both real and heartfelt. Add in Ethan and Jamie, who both want to keep Tyler bundled up in bubble wrap—and think Trevor is the last person who should be allowed to pop any of those bubbles, and the tension is the sort that leaves you breathless and obsessively turning the pages.

Then there’s the sexual tension. Holy guacamole, waiting for Trevor to make a move nearly killed me. And thank goodness Tyler has more gumption (yes, I said gumption) than anyone has ever given him credit for.

Another five-star read from Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels.

(Do we get Nick’s story next?)

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