Wrong Direction

I’ve had three stories published in three weeks. While I couldn’t be more proud of the shiny new titles listed under my name, or thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive reception I’ve had, I’m so, so glad I have nothing due out next week! Promoting a new story every week is absolutely nuts, and no one should ever try it.

That being said, let me tell you about this week’s new addition. Wrong Direction is a novella about two college-aged guys who share a bathroom. One is a neat-freak and the other is a slob. It’s the perfect recipe for conflict and romance! Seriously, I had a lot of fun writing this one. I adore Alvaro. From the moment I heard his voice, he inhabited my thoughts, prodding and poking, until this story was done. He was LOUD and insistent and just so damned adorable I could do nothing but listen and write.

Wrong Direction is available to read now for free. Soon, there will be a download available, also for free. Yes, I said free. This story was written as part of the Don’t Read in the Closet event “Love is an Open Road”, hosted by the M/M Romance group on Goodreads. Every year, the group posts prompts submitted by members which include a picture and a letter to the author describing the sort of story they’d like to see. Writers then claim the prompt that interests them the most (sometimes the competition is fierce!) and have two months to write their story. These stories are edited for grammar and proofreading errors by volunteers to the event. They are then formatted, posted, and released as free ebooks. It’s a huge undertaking and one that has proven so popular, there were two hundred prompts this year. That’s two hundred stories, ranging from short to novel-length, donated for a good cause. I’m delighted to be a part of it all.

Cover design is my own. To view the photo prompt, click through to read the story!

WDCover500Dear Author,

I had such a good feeling about this year. It’s my last; I’m on track to graduate near the top of my class, I’m working towards a degree in a field I love, and I even managed to score one of the coveted singles in the nicest upperclassmen dorm. There’s only one problem. Him. The guy whose single is attached to the other side of the connecting bathroom. The mess I could maybe ignore, it’s the singing I can’t take. Every night while he takes a bubble bath― yes, a bubble bath! It’s only a few weeks into the year and I don’t think I can take it anymore. Actually, I know I can’t. I’m gonna go over there and say something before I lose my mind!

So, how’d we get from there to the picture above? And what happens after that?

Make me laugh, everything else is up to you.


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Published by Kelly Jensen

Writer of love stories. Bibliophile. Gamer. Hiker. Cat herder. Waiting for the aliens. 👽 🏳️‍🌈

3 thoughts on “Wrong Direction

  1. I have never read M/M fiction before. It was surprisingly touching and believable. (Keep in mind, my experience with romance novels stems from a Harlequin novel addiction in my youth and the occasional heavy-breathing bodice ripper for those lonely winter nights.) I wouldn’t have thought I’d enjoy the M/M side of romance, but it was very well done. I’ll have to consider Mango bubble bath for future romantic titillation.

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