Science Fiction of the 1950s

I have a lot of tattered old paperbacks on my shelves and some of the most forlorn are beloved copies of what I consider science fiction classics. Books that helped define the genre by authors who serve as inspiration for so many writers today. When drafting this post, this was the point where I started listingContinue reading “Science Fiction of the 1950s”

Reading Challenge Update (December)

Of the fourteen titles I chose for the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge (one book a month, plus two alternates), I read seven. The seven books remaining are still on my shelf and I do plan to read them, but not any time soon. While I enjoyed the idea of the challenge, in practice I foundContinue reading “Reading Challenge Update (December)”

Review: From This Day Forward

From This Day Forward (1972) collects thirteen stories by prolific British writer, John Brunner . A lot of speculative short stories have a slight whiff of horror to them. The cover of my copy suggests the stories within are no exception, it features the calendar page for Friday the 13th. I snatched this book out of theContinue reading “Review: From This Day Forward”