My Super Power

Last week I stumbled across the Man of Steel Glyph Creator. I love web pages like this. I have my own coat of arms for Game of Thrones (and one for each of the voices in my head) and a set of pokemon cards featuring my characters. I’ve also fiddled with other heraldry and branded creations, these are simply the most recent.

Kelly, of the house of Nu
Kelly, of the house of Nu

This is my Kryptonian identity. I am Kelly, of the House of Nu. Not sure if that means I can fly or not. Leap buildings in a single bound, stop bullets…and so on.

You don’t have to be a comic book fan to want a super power. All of us, at some point or other, have wished for a talent or an ability that would either make our lives easier or set us apart. We strive for these things through education and practice. Many of us choose professions and arts based on what we excel at and some of us achieve greatness.

Super powers can be small things as well. Extraordinary luck or a knack. Cats have a super power–they always land on their feet. My husband has a super power–he knows where I hide the chocolate. Always. Even when I move it.

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