My Summer of Movies (Part I)

I don’t review movies. I already spend too much time jotting down irrelevant thought. I do watch a lot of movies, though, and this summer has had my bum in a cushy seat more often than usual.

Listed movies run from May to September.

So far:

Movie Score (*/10) Comments
Iron Man 3 7 Solid end to the trilogy
The Great Gatsby Missed it in cinemas, will definitely catch on Netflix
Star Trek Into Darkness 9 Liked it better than Star Trek (2009)
The Hangover Part III Netflix, just to finish out the trilogy
Epic Netflix for my daughter
Fast and Furious 6 8 Good, and: Omg, omg, omg FF7 NOW
After Earth Netflix (Don’t judge me, it’s Will smith and his adorable boy)
The Internship Netflix, in a couple years, when I’m really bored
The Purge Netflix, probably by mistake
This is the End Still hoping to catch this one at the theatre
Man of Steel 7 Entertaining, too many ‘splosions
Monsters University 6 Cute
World War Z 9 Damned near perfect movie
The Heat Meh
White House Down 7 Just enjoy Tatum, Jamie and the ‘splosions and you’ll be FINE
Despicable Me Daughter went with friends, saving me the hassle
Lone Ranger 5 Too silly
Grown Ups 2 Meh
Pacific Rim 7 Fun, silly, ‘splody. My ears are still ringing. Should be a six, awarded an extra star for giant mechs

Still to come: (under the cut)

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