Review: In the Land of the Living

In the Land of the Living by Austin Ratner “Part family saga, part coming-of-age story, In the Land of the Living is a kinetic, fresh, bawdy yet earnest shot to the heart of a novel about coping with death, and figuring out how and why to live.” I gave up on In the Land of the LivingContinue reading “Review: In the Land of the Living”

Review: Saga, Volume 1

Saga, Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan My rating: 4 of 5 stars Once I deciphered the meaning of the first page, I realised this wasn’t going to be an ordinary comic book–not that the word ‘ordinary’ can be use to describe many comics. They are, by nature, an exploration of the extra-ordinary. Saga beginsContinue reading “Review: Saga, Volume 1”