The Books I Recommend More Than Any Others – Part 3

Here they are, the final ten. When I decided to list my top thirty in alphabetical order by author, I thought that might eliminate the need to organize the books from bestest best favourite to one of my favourites (or however you’d label the books below number one). But the truth is, for as muchContinue reading “The Books I Recommend More Than Any Others – Part 3”

The Book Was Better

Well, duh. Though… I watch a lot of movies. I also read a lot of books. I’ve watched a lot of movies inspired by books—and that’s my favourite way of phrasing it, because even a faithful film adaptation will differ from the source material. It’s the director’s vision, and the actors’ interpretation of the script.Continue reading “The Book Was Better”

I Found God on Facebook

I am probably the only person surprised by fact God is on Facebook. Queen Elizabeth II is there, so is Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman has 2,788,804 likes, the queen only 124,420. God’s three pages have about 13 million combined likes. It’s probably safe to say that a good portion of those are people covering theirContinue reading “I Found God on Facebook”