Kelly’s Keepers

Two years late is better than never, right? I finally have a reader group and I’m inviting you to join the fun!

Kelly’s Keepers

Kelly’s Keepers is a private group on Facebook, meaning while the group is visible to the public, the content is not. We can talk about anything in there. Well, almost anything.

What I’d like to talk about is books. Mine, yours, everyone else’s. But I’d also like to get to know my readers better. I enjoy interacting with readers on my personal timeline (and on Twitter), and the replies I get to my newsletters, but have long wanted a dedicated space where we could just hang out and talk about stuff that’s not necessarily related to my being an author.

So, expect gaming talk. Pictures of hiking trails (once they’re open again), only the new recipe successes (we’ll save the failures for Pinterest), and gardening. Or me complaining about having to mow again.

We’ll also have the book talk I mentioned earlier, and I’ll be posting more regular teasers from my WIPs. There will be giveaways, because we all love giveaways. And, right now, Keepers will get access to my new serial, Let’s Connect, a couple of days before newsletter subscribers.

Interested? I’d love to see you there.

I Found God on Facebook

I am probably the only person surprised by fact God is on Facebook. Queen Elizabeth II is there, so is Morgan Freeman. Mr. Freeman has 2,788,804 likes, the queen only 124,420. God’s three pages have about 13 million combined likes. It’s probably safe to say that a good portion of those are people covering their bets. Still, it’s an impressive figure, and I am probably the only person surprised by that as well.

Incidentally, when searching for God on Facebook, I noticed GoD of WaR (a Playstation game) has 4.5 million likes. Not surprised at all.

I did not go looking for God, I stumbled across His page(s) purely by accident. It’s not the first time that has happened, by the way. Religion has a way of finding me and I’m not sure why. Maybe, subconsciously, I’m looking for something to believe.  Could be a more conscious search, I suppose. Or it could simply be that I’m the curious sort and easily amused.

I can’t remember the last church I stepped inside. I have a vague memory it might have been somewhere hot and I wanted to cool off for a bit. As a way to get people through the door, it’s not a bad strategy. Restaurants like to advertise their air conditioning and ice-cold beer. A cool stone floor and soft wooden bench…right, it’s not quite the same. The peaceful atmosphere is nice, though. I do like churches, as buildings. I like the smell—candle wax, incense and dust—and I’ve seen enough horror movies to have formed a basic belief that nothing bad will happen to me on hallowed ground.

Oh, I’ve seen the other movies as well. Thankfully, desecrating churches isn’t as popular as Evil observing the boundaries of Good.

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