I Love Kale So Much I Could Write a Poem About It

A delish garnish,A mean green… Yeah, I’m going to stop trying to write poetry. Or I might come back to it at three a.m. when I’m suddenly inspired. (I probably won’t. I mean, who wants to get up at three to write about kale? Also, this post will be published by then.) Anyway. This post?Continue reading “I Love Kale So Much I Could Write a Poem About It”

Strawberry Season

I love strawberry season. I like picking the berries and I like eating them, too, which is a good thing. This year, we went picking three days before vacation and had to eat and/or use nearly nine pounds of them before we went away. Yeah, not the best planning, but…strawberries. Here’s what we did withContinue reading “Strawberry Season”