I have a tumblr blog that I mostly use to collect pretty pictures. While a good (overwhelming) proportion of those pictures are gorgeous men (usually without their shirt), I am also partial to beautiful landscapes and photography. I collect pictures of mountains, in particular. And flowers and forests. Colour and composition usually capture my eyeContinue reading “Pathways”

Ramble: The Alien Forest

Writers draw inspiration from everywhere; pictures, songs, other books, a snippet of conversation, a single lyric, a poem. A friend of mind likes reading articles about scientific advances. We’ve planned to incorporate more than one idea in the future setting we’d like to write in (after we finish editing book one of the fantasy settingContinue reading “Ramble: The Alien Forest”

Ramble: Landscapes of an Imaginary World

As a reader (and a writer), I enjoy an active imagination. Words on a page inspire flights of fantasy, and though my vision may not match that of the author, if I have gone somewhere, they have been successful. When I am describing a scene, I have a picture of it in my head, whichContinue reading “Ramble: Landscapes of an Imaginary World”