I have a tumblr blog that I mostly use to collect pretty pictures. While a good (overwhelming) proportion of those pictures are gorgeous men (usually without their shirt), I am also partial to beautiful landscapes and photography. I collect pictures of mountains, in particular. And flowers and forests. Colour and composition usually capture my eye first, but sometimes the subject, itself, is the picture.

A series of photographs to recently catch my attention all feature pathways. I like paths. I like being out in the forest or the mountains, rambling through nature, but it’s instinct—and just sensible—to find a path through all that glorious chaos. Paths beckon the eye, the feet and the imagination. When following a trail, one might wonder what the view will be like from the crest of the next rise. Likely as not, you’ll be looking at the slope of the neighbouring hill and it’s longer and steeper than the climb you already made. Sometimes, it’s an unexpected and beautiful vista, and that’s why you keep going, even though your thighs are burning.

There are also twists and turns. A path might feel like it’s folding back on itself and then, instead, spit you out in wonderland. A hidden pond and you’re there just in time to see the lilies in bloom. Or a steep drop off where your new boots do an admirable job of turning you into a mountain goat.

Pathways beg to be explored, and to get all philosophical, not all paths are the ones we see. They don’t all twist through forests, rise over hills or step over ponds, parting the duck weed on the other side. Sometimes a path is a choice and sometimes more than instinct is required to take that first step.

Beautiful photographs after the cut.

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