I’m having trouble processing the fact we’ve just embarked upon a new decade. This might have something to do with the fact I still haven’t accepted the fact we’re twenty years into a new millennium. When? How?

Despite having a hard time with the math, however, I have done a lot over the past ten years and I’d like to take a look at that before I plan forward. Continue reading “2020”

Following Your Heart

following-your-heartIf I had to pick the underlying theme of my many blog posts about writing, it would be me asking: what am I doing this for? The question isn’t unique to my profession, or even to creatives. From time to time, we all take a look at what we’re doing and ask why. Or we should. And it’s not something you can ask once and be done. The answer changes with time.

I set goals at the beginning of this year and felt pretty good about not only the direction I wanted to take my career, but in the number of books I wanted to write. It was a good number. Very doable. Then I got to work and started writing the wrong book. Henry and Marc’s HEA was number three on my list of projects. I went with it, though, and by the time I hit the 6k mark, I’d entered that wonderful phase where the story started to tell itself. I was golden; writing 1500-2000 words every morning, revising a two or three chapters of Irresistible, the novel I drafted last year, every afternoon.

Then I finished drafting this second book and suddenly had two books to revise. Revisions on Irresistible had ground to a halt as Counting on You hit the phase where all I wanted to do was write another chapter so I could see what happened next. This is a good thing, usually. It’s one of my favourite parts of drafting. I rushed past the finish line, took a few days to recharge, and started revising Counting on You.

So I was attacking my To Do list out of order. What did it matter, so long as I got all the books written by the end of the year? Continue reading “Following Your Heart”

Looking Ahead

reading-writing-resolving-1Every January I tell myself I’m going to post about my writing goals for the year—and then I don’t. Admittedly, I wondered if anyone would care about what I was up to. Right now, though? This post is for me. My whole blog is pretty much for me. ❤ So here’s a resolution post with an outline for some reading goals, some personal goals and quick ramble about all the books I’d like to write. Continue reading “Looking Ahead”

All the Nothing

Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson


“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

I have the time. What I lack is the nothing.

It’s been a while since I made a new year’s resolution. Normally I set goals–a list of things I’d like to accomplish during the next year. I don’t beat myself up over failing to meet those goals, though, as life often takes tangents. I might not have written my article for Uncyclopedia yet (a goal I’ve had for about four years now), but I did get to visit New Orleans. Finally!

This year, my goal and resolution, is to learn how to relax. Instead of filling my downtime with activities and hobbies, I want to learn how to do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It’s going to be a challenge. During yoga when everyone else is breathing and clearing their minds, I’m plotting–or just chatting with my characters. Or wondering if I’ll be able to unfold my legs when it’s time to stand up. When I’m walking, I tend to listen to audio books, or chat to my husband if I’ve dragged him out with me. I can’t use the elliptical machine. I find it boring. That whole going nowhere thing irritates me. And when I do sit (collapse) on the couch, I usually have a handful of electronic gadgets with me. I fold laundry while I watch movies.

So…nothing. I need to figure out how to do nothing.

Does sitting with a cat on my lap count? What about listening to music–while just sitting. Or walking?

Pity I don’t have the funds (or the time) for a week at the beach. I’m really good at doing nothing on the beach. I like to just lie there, soaking up the sun, listening to the waves and the babble of voices. If I try that in the snow, I’ll die of hypothermia. Or get locked away somewhere.

Oh! Okay, getting committed isn’t a good way to pursue nothing, is it.