What I’ve Been Reading

This year I stopped rating books on Goodreads for a couple reasons. One, it felt hypocritical, even though, intellectually, I know it’s not. What writer isn’t also a reader? And why shouldn’t I express my opinion of what I’ve read? Even if I haven’t enjoyed a book, I still internalize a lot of elements suchContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading”

Review: The Loathly Lady

The Loathly Lady by John Lawson. Nothing like the call of duty to ruin a good party. Or the cold slap of reality. The carousing of squire Brandywine is cut short by rumours of war. The rumours are just that, though, stories covering a darker threat and poor young Brandywine falls out of his cupsContinue reading “Review: The Loathly Lady”

Review: There Be Dragons

There Be Dragons by Peter Hallett Peter Hallett’s debut novel, There Be Dragons, mixes the unlikely element of dragons into the chaos of the Vietnam War—and it works. Lieutenant Ethan Jacobs has just arrived in Vietnam. He’s a thoughtful and somewhat philosophical guy and the reader gains a sense he’s not quite prepared for whatContinue reading “Review: There Be Dragons”