Why I Keep a Blog

rss-symbol1I started this blog about a year ago, about two weeks after submitting my manuscript to Entangled Publishing. Optimistically, I read the guidelines of what the publisher expected of an author. One element was a presence on the internet. I had that, but not, I suspected, in a way that would be particularly useful. If I got published and if I acquired fans, a couple of them might be amused by tumblr blog: reposted pictures of gorgeous male models, most of them shirtless (some lacking pants), pictures of big cats—I love panthers and tigers—little cats and puppies, mountains and landscapes, a sprinkling of art, a lot of it fan art, and the odd quote or poem. The men make up the bulk of the blog. Yep.

I had a Twitter account with a few followers. A friend, my sister, and a couple of deluded people who thought my monthly tweets about nothing were interesting. I had a Live Journal where I posted the, ah, private chapters from my fan fiction. You know, the smutty stuff. And I had a Facebook page full of pictures of my daughter…and cats, and puppies. No shirtless men, only my gorgeous husband.

I needed a blog, a landing page where people could find out a little bit about me and follow links elsewhere if sufficiently interested. Somewhere that felt personal, but wasn’t too personal. No kittens, puppies or shirtless men.

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Ramble: Dumb Worries

I recently read an article highlighting the 150 or so things definitively smart people worry about. Actually, I didn’t finish reading it. I got bored by number thirty-one, mostly because I didn’t understand some of the answers and others seemed designed to make me feel stupid. Yet others questioned the question and a couple actually made me giggle. I started skimming after the reminder of small apocalypses. I worry about those all the time, I don’t need a reminder smart people are worrying about them as well.

The list, produced by an the online magazine called Edgewhich has been described as smartest website in the world–has been condensed for better digestibility by Vice and begins with: The proliferation of Chinese eugenics, the concern of evolutionary psychologist, Geoffrey Miller. In the first instance, I had never heard of evolutionary psychology. I think I can nut that one out, though. In the second instance, I had to look up eugenics. The word was familiar and in certain context, I might have caught the meaning. Here? No. Thankfully, I have the internet. Right, according to Wikipedia:

Eugenics is the applied science of the bio-social movement which advocates practices that improve the genetic composition of a population, usually a human population.[2][3]

So, wild guess: Mr. Miller is concerned about the (a) practice of genetic manipulation in China? I could be completely off the mark, but assuming I’ve hit the edge of the dart board, I sort of understand the concern. Genetic manipulation could produce some viable nightmares. There are moral issues, sure. It could also produce some pretty fascinating advances in health and medicine. From a writer’s perspective… There are too many ideas to write down. I’ll forget them all before Evernote opens. There is a full explanation of the answer available at Edge. Given I barely understand the concept, I’m not sure I’d understand the rest, however.

Am I being deliberately dumb? Not really, I’m just being lazy, and that’s another worry dictated by the list.

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