Choose Your Holiday Disaster

Kelly Jensen. Blowing up the holidays, one date at a time.

The first time I tried to write a Christmas story, I trapped two coworkers in a rental car on the side of the road in upstate New York during a blizzard. Not exactly the happy, fluffy holiday feel readers are looking for. I did give the guys a happy little epilogue, but then I decided to torture them again by locking them in a basement on New Year’s Eve.

I’ve also written a rather lonely Christmas Eve that includes a slap to the face, a turned-down invitation, and a broken kitchen window.

I did give one set of characters an awesome New Year’s Eve, up until one of them was temporarily blinded and later kidnapped.

Good times. (I’ve completely ruined Thanksgiving and took my best shot at Valentine’s Day, too.)

One of my books does include a super fluffy and completely happy July Fourth celebration, but if you’re looking for happy holiday stories of the more seasonal kind, well, I got nothing.

Next to nothing.

I do actually have one fluffy, disaster-free Christmas novella, but it’s an extra epilogue. To fully appreciate it, you’ll have to survive the Worst Thanksgiving Ever first.

Ready to trash the holidays with me? I promise everything works out in the end—no one actually dies. Some of them might wish they had before they get their happily ever after, though. (Not really, but, well, ahem…)

Choose your Holiday Disaster:

Want to spend Christmas Eve trapped roadside in a rental car during a blizzard? Check out Counting Fence Posts.

How about coming home to find the house broken into and a stranger curled up on the couch? Chasing Forever is your book.

Maybe you’d like to see what it’s like to get locked in a basement on New Year’s Eve? I’ve got you with Counting Down.

Looking for that one spot of fluff? To enjoy Moments of Forever, you’ll need to survive the Thanksgiving dinner I serve up in Building Forever.

Want to brave a kidnapping? Purple Haze is your book, but I recommend reading Uncommon Ground first. (No holidays are actually harmed in either of these books!)

Looking ahead to Valentine’s Day nearly not happening? Try When Was the Last Time.

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Writer of love stories. Bibliophile. Gamer. Hiker. Cat herder. Waiting for the aliens. 👽 🏳️‍🌈

One thought on “Choose Your Holiday Disaster

  1. ROFL! Thanks for the memories! I believe I have all of these. Thanks also for tying them all together with a nice little semi-dysfunctional holiday bow. ❤

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