Where To Find My Books

I often forget to post sales updates on my blog. I’m apparently too busy writing about video games and kale! So, I thought I’d put together a current list of where to find my books, as in which titles are currently available through Kindle Unlimited, which books are now in paperback, and which series are now available wide.

Because I like (love, adore, cherish, will look for any opportunity to create one) charts, I have created one just for this purpose. If you prefer to see what’s new, stay here and keep reading.

The Let’s Connect series has left Kindle Unlimited and is now available through a variety of retailers. I have also submitted the books to Overdrive and other library services, so get your requests in!


The Let’s Connect series is now also available in paperback! These editions are gorgeous. I always choose glossy covers for my independently published books and the artwork really stands out in this format. Both editions include all the extras (epilogues, art, and recipes) and Let’s Connect features the first chapter of Let’s Go Out to get you rolling!

And, if paperbacks are your thing, particularly signed paperbacks, I now have an order form for signed books which includes every title I have in print, plus the opportunity to order signed bookplates for the books you already have.


Dillon and Lang have returned to Kindle Unlimited for the summer!

I like to have at least one of my series available through Kindle Unlimited, so for the next three months, Aliens in New York will be limited to Amazon, meaning you can basically read it for free! If you haven’t explored this series, now is a great time.


The paperbacks are still available everywhere else, and “What About Lunch?” is still on my Free Reads page.

For links to all of my available books, by format, visit my new Where to Buy page.

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