I have to read it AGAIN?! …or Proofreading: The Bane of an Author’s Existence

This isn’t as much a peeve of mine as it is Jenn’s. A plot that hasn’t been developed to its full potential annoys me more, or a book that is twice as long as it should be because no one could bear to sacrifice word babies on the altar of expediency. But when we buy a book, we’re paying for a product. If that book is full of errors, then our product is faulty. A book that is full of errors should not be offered for sale, in my opinion. Publishing is a business, after all.

Jenn Burke

No book is ever going to be perfect.

This is kind of a comforting statement, one I’ve pulled out a few times over the last six months. I can do my best, but I’m growing as an author with every book and I know that there are some things I wish I could change in my already-published books. But at some point, you just have to brush your hands off and walk away.

I know, too, that typos happen. No matter how many times I look at a manuscript, or Kelly does, or our editor, or the copy editor or the proofreader…stuff gets missed. It’s not ideal, of course, but that’s part of being human and not a computer. But we do our best to catch everything.

So when I see really blatant errors in published books—for which I’ve paid a fair amount—I get grumpy.

I read a lot. These…

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