Interview: Jay Posey, author of Three

After reading Three (Legends of the Dustwalker, #1), I was given the opportunity to interview the author, Jay Posey. I was fascinated by the world he created, which differs greatly from the usual zombie apocalypse. (The fact we have a usual is frightening, right?) So, I put together some questions. I knew some of Jay’sContinue reading “Interview: Jay Posey, author of Three”

Review & Giveaway: Three

Question & chance to win below! Three by Jay Posey Three is a bounty hunter. He is well equipped for his chosen career—dark hood and attitude. He’s the typical loner, bristling with enough weaponry and broodery to discourage casual approach. A woman and boy approach him anyway and ask for his help. Even as he offersContinue reading “Review & Giveaway: Three”

Review: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion My rating: 4 of 5 stars R is a zombie, one of the Dead. Julie is one of the Living. When they connect, things start happening. It’s one of those relationships that really shouldn’t work, but both are sufficiently young, curious and tenacious. R is unusually thoughtful for a deadContinue reading “Review: Warm Bodies”