Review: The Mad Scientist’s Daughter

Quite simply, The Mad Scientist’s Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke is a love story. There is a hitch, however. There is a boy and a girl, but one of them is an android. For Caterina Novak, this isn’t an issue until it is. In this vaguely dystopian future, artificial intelligences are blamed from everything to The DisasterContinue reading “Review: The Mad Scientist’s Daughter”

Review: Seven Forges

Seven Forges by James A. Moore Overshadowed by the peaks of seven mountains called the Seven Forges, the Blasted Lands extend from the edge of the known Empire into the unknown; to the mountains, themselves, and beyond. No one knows what’s on the other side because, in living memory, no one has returned from theContinue reading “Review: Seven Forges”

Review & Giveaway: Three

Question & chance to win below! Three by Jay Posey Three is a bounty hunter. He is well equipped for his chosen career—dark hood and attitude. He’s the typical loner, bristling with enough weaponry and broodery to discourage casual approach. A woman and boy approach him anyway and ask for his help. Even as he offersContinue reading “Review & Giveaway: Three”