Review: Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh


Before dirty bombs turned the island of Manhattan into a ghost town, Spademan was a garbage man. After he lost his wife in the attack on Times Square, he turned to the escape of the limnosphere – a virtual reality that exceeds the functionality of the internet. To access the limnosphere, one requires special equipment. Expensive equipment. The rich have retreated there almost permanently, their bodies entombed in special beds where they are tended by nurses who plug feed bags into IVs and wipe their bums afterward.

As an out of work garbage man, Spademan is limited in his resources until someone asks him to do them a favour. Armed with his wits and a box cutter, Spademan embarks on a new career, that of hitman. He has access to incinerators and a dead body is just another form of garbage, right? The killing part, well, Spademan has a few rules to govern that. He’ll kill men and he’ll kill women, because he doesn’t like to discriminate. He draws the line at killing children, however, because in his words ‘that’s a different kind of psycho’. Good to know.His latest target barely qualifies as an adult. Also, she’s habouring a secret that is something like a pile of garbage. The deeper you delve, the more rotten it is. Continue reading “Review: Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh”

Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Set in a near future that could very well be ours, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is prophetic, entertaining and nostalgic.

Briefly, in the year 2044 all our dreams have come true: there are no more fossil fuels, the hole in the ozone layer is no longer a hotly debated myth and despite all those farting cows, there isn’t enough food to go around. Cities are overcrowded and governance is all but corporate. There is an escape, however: The OASIS, a virtual world that offers limitless freedom and possibility.

The creator of The OASIS, James Halliday, is a known eccentric. When he dies, his last will and testament promises the keys to the kingdom (The OASIS and all his vast fortune) to the first person who unravels a series of clues. It’s a game, and it attracts millions of players.

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