Review: Willful Child by Steven Erikson

22129402Steven Erikson is the author of the hugely popular series ‘The Malazan Book of the Fallen’. Willful Child could not be more different from his sweeping fantasy saga, however, which is why I chose to read it. I wanted to see what he’d do with some science fiction, particularly as the blurb promises he’ll be turning it inside out and examining the guts – in a loving and humourous manner.

Captain Hadrian Sawback is an idiot, yet somehow he has command of the ASF starship Willful Child. His crew seem as baffled as perhaps the reader is. Sawback selected the female members of his crew based on their looks and other obvious assets. He seems surprised when they prove to be good at their jobs, which is just as well as the Willful Child is going to take them to some very dark and hairy places.

Their mission is to explore space and chapter one begins with Sawback recording a journal entry:

“SPACE… it’s fucking big.”

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