My Comic Con (NYCC14)

NYCC14. Photo courtesy of Evelina Sturzeneker.

For the last eight years, I have failed in my primary mission at the New York Comic Con. I have not met Patrick Stewart or even breathed the same air as him. I have not met Greg Capullo, I couldn’t find Stephen Amell (I think I was there the wrong day) and I never get in line early enough to catch the screenings of the movies I really want to see. I got the time wrong the year and decided I needed to meet Christopher Judge. I spent one year wandering the floor looking for the BioWare booth because I’d heard David Gaider would be there.

But this is not a tale of woe. This is my write up of NYCC14 and…I didn’t have a mission this year, because every other year, despite failing to meet the stars in my eyes, I have met some amazing people. I’ve sat in on really great panels. I’ve bought way too much art, countless comicbooks and all the gimmicky bits and pieces that litter my bookshelves. Every year, I walk away with more than a handful of books, often signed by the author. Every year, I meet at least one person who makes that con memorable. Continue reading “My Comic Con (NYCC14)”

New York Comic Con 2013

Me auditioning as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

My mission this year at the New York Comicon was to meet Greg Capullo. I failed miserably, in part due to the NYCC mobile app being all but useless and because there were 125,000 people pressed hip to shoulder inside the Javits Center. Navigating the crowd became the featured activity, seconded by finding an empty piece of wall to slump against for a few minutes. Waiting in line for the restroom was the third. But, that’s a convention. The crowds are part and parcel of the experience. If you’re averse to being sandwiched between strangers for longer than a minute or being poked in the eye by someone’s homemade sword, a con isn’t for you. A convention has a lot more to offer than a lethal cocktail of body odour, though. Continue reading “New York Comic Con 2013”